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Odara -Ubuhle Bezwe.jpg
Odara (BE) & Lizwi / Ubuhle Bezwe (incl. remix by Aytiwan)

Deep In Your Soul Records, an esteemed Belgian label celebrated for its distinctive Afro House beats, proudly announces the release of "Ubuhle Bezwe", an exquisite auditory tapestry woven by the talented Belgian brothers duo, Odara (Kevin & Ian Cowens).


This compelling track features the transcendent vocals of South African vocal maestro Lizwi and is further embellished by a captivating remix from the Belgian rhythmic artisan, Aytiwan. Odara, previously enchanting audiences across the globe as the "Cowens Brothers", from the vibrant clubs of Ibiza to the pulsating scenes of Miami, have mastered the art of musical alchemy. After setting stages ablaze and embarking on an extensive journey through numerous countries across Europe, they have now embraced their new identity, Odara, as a beacon of their evolving artistry. "Ubuhle Bezwe" is a celebration of their rich musical journey, showcasing their ability to blend a spectrum of styles from groovy house to tech house, and from Latin tech to the evocative realms of Afro house and Melodic Techno.


The track is not just a song, but a narrative of their vast musical culture and their unique connection with the audience. "Ubuhle Bezwe", meaning "the beauty of the world", encapsulates the essence of unity and the diversity of global culture. Lizwi's powerful and soulful vocals, combined with Odara's intricate piano melodies and dynamic percussions, create a journey that resonates with the spirit of the world's beauty.


Further enriching this musical journey, Aytiwan's remix introduces a deeper dimension to the track. Known for his unique niche in the realm of Afro House and Afro Tech, Aytiwan's music has transcended borders, with his tracks like "Iphathi" garnering international acclaim and being showcased by renowned artists such as Black Coffee in iconic venues worldwide. His remix of "Ubuhle Bezwe" retains the heartfelt vocals of Lizwi while infusing the track with repetitive, mesmerizing synths, offering a narrative-rich and immersive sonic experience.

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