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Dr Phil RSA feat. Nuzu Deep / All My Children (incl. remix by Native P.)

Deep In Your Soul is proud to present its latest Afro House sensation, "All My Children" by the South African virtuoso DR Phil RSA, featuring the soul-stirring vocals of Nuzu Deep, and an exhilarating remix from the Greek talent Native P.


This release is a convergence of talent and passion. DR Phil RSA, a name synonymous with dynamic beats and immersive experiences in the Afro House scene, brings his unique flair to this track. Hailing from near Kroonstad in South Africa's Free State, Phillimon Thulo, aka DR Phil RSA, has been a pivotal figure in the rise of Afro House, drawing inspiration from greats like Black Coffee and spearheading popular events like Back To Mother Land and GNO.


Complementing DR Phil's beats is the captivating voice of Nuzu Deep, aka Future Mokoena, a singer whose journey from Mganduzweni in Mpumalanga to the heart of the Afro House scene is a tale of resilience and passion. Her transition from aspiring pilot to chart-topping vocalist illustrates her indomitable spirit, with hits like "Woman So Strong" gaining international recognition.


The release is further enriched by Native P.'s deep and hypnotic remix. Native P., or Perikis Lazaris from Greece, infuses his electrical engineering precision into his music, producing a sound that's both complex and captivating. His ascent in the Afro House genre has been meteoric, with accolades from industry heavyweights and collaborations with artists like Echo Deep and Hanna Hais. "All My Children" stands as a testament to the rich diversity and depth of Afro House music. The original mix is a journey through mesmerizing Afro rhythms, marked by a compelling bassline and Nuzu Deep's enchanting vocals. Native P.'s remix adds a deeper bassline, intricate percussions, and a hypnotic drop that perfectly complements the vocals, offering listeners an immersive musical experience. This release is not just a collection of tracks, but a celebration of Afro House music, showcasing the talents and stories of DR Phil RSA, Nuzu Deep, and Native P.

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