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William Rizz - Magical.jpg
William Rizz / Magical (incl. remix by A.C.N.)

Deep In Your Soul Records proudly announces the release of "Magical," an invigorating Afro House track by the talented Cuban artist William Rizz, with a mesmerizing remix by the Brazilian rising star A.C.N. "Magical" is a track that captures the essence of Afro House, starting with a dynamic percussion buildup that seamlessly blends with melodic guitar riffs and captivating arpeggios.


As the track unfolds, ethnic vocals elevate the energy, leading to a powerful drop that promises to electrify dance floors. William Rizz's original mix is a journey through rhythmic beats and soulful melodies, embodying a vibrant energy that's both uplifting and deeply rooted in Afro House tradition. Adding a unique twist, A.C.N.'s remix of "Magical" introduces a new dimension to the track.


The remix features a beautifully arranged piano melody paired with a deeper bassline, crafting a perfect soundtrack for a sunset vibe. A.C.N.'s interpretation retains the original's spirit while infusing it with a fresh, deeper perspective. "Magical" is more than just a track; it's a celebration of Afro House music's rich heritage and its evolving future. This release is a testament to Deep In Your Soul Records' commitment to showcasing innovative and culturally rich music.

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