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Kaudron / Wonderful World

Deep In Your Soul Records is excited to announce the release of "Wonderful World," a mesmerizing new track from Belgian Afro House artist Kaudron.


This release is complemented by two remarkable remixes from South African international sensation Enoo Napa and Belgian rising star Aytiwan. Kaudron, a Belgian native, is known for his intricate soundscapes that fuse traditional Afro rhythms with contemporary electronic music. In "Wonderful World," he stays true to his roots, delivering a track rich in melodic Afro beats, underscored by vibrant basslines and melodic arpeggios.


This original mix is a testament to Kaudron's ability to blend genres seamlessly, creating a sound that's both unique and familiar.


Joining this release is South Africa's Enoo Napa, an artist who has garnered international acclaim for his deep and dark Afro House sound. His remix of "Wonderful World" takes the track into new territory, infusing it with his signature style. The result is a darker, more intense version that retains the soul of the original while adding a layer of depth and complexity. Completing the trio is Aytiwan, a Belgian artist whose star is rapidly rising in the electronic music world. His remix introduces a longer synth break, building up to a bigger drop that's sure to energize dance floors. Aytiwan's interpretation adds a fresh perspective to the track, showcasing his talent for creating dynamic, immersive remixes. Music enthusiasts and Afro House fans are invited to experience this captivating release that bridges continents and genres.

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