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PA NGU - Shiri.jpg
PA NGU & A.C.N. / Shiri

Deep In Your Soul Records, renowned for its distinctive sound in the Belgian music landscape, is excited to announce the release of "Shiri," a captivating new single by the talented South African artist PA NGU in collaboration with Brazilian DJ and producer A.C.N.


This release is a follow-up to PA NGU's successful "Kalanga EP," previously launched on our label. "Shiri," translating to 'Birds' in the Shona language, is a progressive afro deep track inspired by the serene Foley sounds of birds, creating an immersive auditory experience, especially evident during the break. The track features deep synth work, hypnotizing vocal samples, and vibrant percussions, all coming together to create a truly hypnotic soundscape. Accompanying "Shiri" is the second track "Hila Hila," which embarks the listener on a melodious afro journey, exploring the rich and diverse rhythms of the genre.


This duo's collaboration blends PA NGU's signature deep and progressive style with A.C.N.'s fresh and dynamic approach, known for his versatility in various electronic music styles and recent focus on Afro House. A.C.N., who has made a mark in the industry with productions supported by names like Black Coffee and Swedish House Mafia, brings a unique flair to this project. His experience and evolving style contribute significantly to the depth and richness of this release. "Shiri" is not just a song; it's a celebration of cultural diversity and the power of music to transcend boundaries. Deep In Your Soul Records invites everyone to delve into this enchanting release.

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