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Konfluence / Afwekadi

Deep In Your Soul is proud to present 'Afwekadi' by the talented Belgian duo Konfluence. This release follows their acclaimed track "Karusha", showcasing their evolving musical journey.


The release is further distinguished by an immersive remix from the acclaimed Native P. 'Afwekadi' emerges as a compelling narrative in sound, crafted by Konfluence with their signature fusion of rhythm and melody. The track starts with a captivating array of hypnotizing percussion, which gracefully entwines with the vocals. As the track progresses, it builds into an intense break, setting the stage for a robust, melodic drop that's both percussive and harmonically rich. This track is not just a song but an auditory expedition, showcasing the duo's skill in creating a vibrant and dynamic soundscape.


Complementing the original is a deep, thought-provoking remix by Native P., the talented artist hailing from Greece and known for his deep and emotive interpretations in the Afro House genre. His version of 'Afwekadi' adds a new layer of depth, focusing on vocal refinement and the integration of sophisticated synths and a deep bassline.


This remix provides a contrast to the original, offering listeners a different way to experience the track's emotive core. The 'Afwekadi' release is a testament to Deep In Your Soul's commitment to delivering high-quality, impactful Afro House music. It represents a blend of traditional Afro House elements with modern musical innovation, creating a sound that's both fresh and familiar. This release is showcasing the universal appeal of Konfluence's music and Native P.'s remixing prowess.

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