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In an exciting development for Afro House enthusiasts, Deep In Your Soul Records announces the release of "Ndibize," a dynamic and engaging track from Nico Efstratiou featuring Athimux, with enriching remixes by Aytiwan and Mahandana. This release is a fusion of diverse Afro House styles.


The original mix, crafted by Nico Efstratiou and Athimux, is a melodious Afro journey characterized by Athimux's soul-stirring vocals and a pulsating bassline that captivates listeners from beginning to end. Nico, a promising artist in the South African music scene, is celebrated for his afro-infused electronic sound and emotive storytelling, as seen in his previous works that gained traction on major platforms.


Aytiwan's remix introduces a darker, deeper dimension to the track. Known for his Afro House and Afro Tech rhythms and having his work showcased at global venues, Aytiwan's Belgian influence is palpable in the intense textures and compelling arpeggios of his remix. The result is a version that promises to resonate with dance floors and listeners alike.


Mahandana's remix adds a unique percussive richness to the track, showcasing his evolving musical identity, shaped by his extensive background in piano and electronic music production. His version brings a fresh and rhythmic flair to the original. "Nico Efstratiou feat. Athimux - Ndibize" and its remixes represent a varied soundscape within the Afro House genre.


Each track offers a unique listening experience, reflecting the individual styles and backgrounds of the artists involved. Nico Efstratiou's storytelling prowess, Athimux's compelling vocals, Aytiwan's deep, rhythmic remix, and Mahandana's percussive interpretation combine to create a release that is both diverse and harmonious.

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