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Korie Minors & Dj Jim Mastershine ft. Ayah Tlhanyane / Ghosts of Bermuda

Deep In Your Soul Records is thrilled to announce the release of a groundbreaking new Afro House track titled "Ghosts of Bermuda", a unique collaboration between Korie Minors & DJ Jim Mastershine featuring the soul-stirring vocals of Ayah Tlhanyane. Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic history of Bermuda, an island historically shrouded in myth and surrounded by treacherous reefs, "Ghosts of Bermuda" is more than just a song - it's a journey through time and sound.


The track pays homage to the island's past, weaving together the haunting sounds of Bermuda's national bird, the cahow, recorded personally by Korie Minors. This authentic inclusion adds a deeply rooted Bermudian essence to the composition. Ayah Tlhanyane's captivating vocals in Southern Sotho add another dimension to the record. His powerful call to the natives of the land "Raohang" - meaning "Wake up" - echoes as a rallying cry, summoning the strength and resilience of warriors in the face of impending challenges. Bermuda, once known as the "Isle of Devils" due to the dangerous reefs and raucous calls of the cahow, deterred early Spanish and Portuguese settlers. This same aura of mystery and intimidation that once surrounded the island is now captured in the evocative melodies and rhythms of "Ghosts of Bermuda".


Deep In Your Soul Records invites listeners to immerse themselves in this captivating Afro House creation, where history, culture, and music intertwine to tell a story of resilience, mystery, and the haunting beauty of Bermuda.

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