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Deep In Your Soul, the renowned Belgian Afro House label, is proud to unveil its latest release, "Kwema" - a dynamic collaboration that brings together the talents of Jabzz Dimitri, Korie Minors, and the incredible singer Idd Aziz.


This groundbreaking release also includes remixes by the highly acclaimed Belgian artist Aytiwan and the electrifying G-Wash10. "Kwema," which translates to "I'm Safe" in Swahili, is a musical journey that revolves around the theme of a friend checking in on their loved one. The original mix takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey with its driving lead, captivating piano breaks, hypnotic arpeggios, and infectious Afro percussions.


Jabzz Dimitri, originally hailing from Welkom in the Free State and now based in Pretoria, has been a stalwart in the music industry for over a decade. As a DJ, he's known for his innovative and cutting-edge style, and his mixes on Radio 2000 have garnered widespread acclaim. Korie Minors, a DJ and producer with international roots, adds his unique touch to "Kwema." His diverse musical background contributes to the track's eclectic and rich sound.


Idd Aziz, the gifted Kenyan Afro-Fusion and Afro-House singer-songwriter, provides his soulful vocals to "Kwema". With a track record of performing at renowned festivals and sharing the stage with legends in the industry, Idd Aziz's contribution to "Kwema" elevates the release to new heights.


The remixes of "Kwema" add another layer of depth to the release.


Aytiwan offers a hypnotic take on the track with mesmerizing vocals, piano arrangements, and an exhilarating climax during the break.


G-Wash10 infuses a tribal touch into his "Panthera" remix, emphasizing percussion and delivering a unique and vibrant interpretation. "Kwema" is set to captivate global audiences with its mesmerizing melodies, infectious rhythms, and diverse remixes.

Deep In Your Soul invites music enthusiasts to experience this extraordinary release that showcases the fusion of talent and creativity from around the world.

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