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Aytiwan / Ilanga

Label manager of Belgian label DHB, Nico P is shedding his skin to create his new moniker, Aytiwan. Nico P, who usually produces melodic house music, created Aytiwan to dedicate his production solely to afro house sounds. The project has allowed him to express his emotions in a different style, collaborating with singer Nes Mburu to release upcoming EP 'Ilanga.' The 4 track EP sees remixes from label friends Enoo Napu and Klaudius.


Released on Nico P's new label Deep In Your Soul, the original track 'Ilanga' was inspired by love and positive energy. Produced by Aytiwan and performed by upcoming artist Nes Mburu, "nikupende, pende pende" is the melodic hook throughout the track, translating to "I love you, love you."

The track begins with a steady rhythm, the heartbeat of the song, which is dark and brooding. Mburu's soulful voice cuts through, submerged in distortion and delay. Afro-house percussion lifts the atmospheric presence, building a dynamic and colorful soundscape. The track which sits at 7 minutes 30 seconds, never drops in energy levels, and the melodic repetition is hypnotic and spellbinding.


For the 'Ilanga' EP, Aytiwan collaborated with South African artist Enoo Napa, who produced two remixes for the EP. The first remix plays around with thudding bass lines and stomping beats. Electronic synthesizers weave in and out of each other, layered with Mburu's vocal hook. Piano chords add a bright warmth, especially during the drop before it plunges back into an intensely entrancing finale. Enoo Napa's alternative remix, experiments with new percussion and rhythms that give the song a different feel. A synth bass line is a standout feature, while the piano makes a return adding lightness to the mood. The atmospheric energy of Aytiwan's original track is still at the soul of the music.


Belgian producer Klaudius crafts a third remix, taking a different approach by using the piano as the foundation of the track, panned with gentle percussion, while Mburu fades from the distance into the forefront. Without the steady beat of the kick drum, the song feels mellow and contemplative, until it eventually kicks in bringing the song back to its origins. The hypnotic quality remains throughout, ebbing and flowing with ease, a melodic and laid-back arrangement that shows the song in a different light.


Each version of 'Ilanga' is a personal journey that reflects the original song in powerful ways, capturing different moods for listeners to experience, showing the versatility of Aytiwan's original production and creativity.

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