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Klaudius / White Tiger

Record label DHB returns with their new label, Deep In Your Soul, dedicated solely to Afro House music.

The project, which was created by DHB label owners Amerlegna and Nico P, aims to shine a light on upcoming Afro House artists.

Their first collaboration is with Belgian DJ and producer Klaudius and his track 'White Tiger.'

This EP release brings together the original mix with Simone Vitullo and Geuzz's dynamic remixes.


"Ngonyama is the tiger, lion, or cheetah but it also means mighty, so this song explores how big and mighty we can be. Yathe means hail onto the big one, and was used in the days of the king Tshaka Zulu, the king of the Zulu's in South Africa." explains Oluhle, the vocal collaborator on 'White Tiger'.


The original mix is powerful and mighty, as the concept suggests, with epic Afrohouse soundscapes, tribal electronic drumbeats, mesmeric rhythms, and the atmospheric voice of vocalist Oluhle.


Simone Vitullo's remix takes the core presence of the original mix and focuses on singular elements, like the continuous drum and shaker loops and swelling synth sounds. A deep bass pulsates, as the vocal melody is chopped and distorted, contorting into new shapes and layers over the driving electronic landscape. A hypnotizing drop leaves space for the disfigured vocals and the synth lines which interweave in and out of one another before whisking listeners back to the Afro House backdrop.


Sub-bass and drum-heavy, Geuzz's remix of 'White Tiger' takes on a darker mood, percussive and rich in deep timbres. While paying homage to Klaudius's original mix, there's brooding energy to the instrumentation and entrancing arrangement, which plays around with sequencers, synthesizers, and persistent rhythms. While unyielding, the song remains dynamic and expansive. The vocals don't make an appearance until 3 minutes into the song, used as a texture rather than a lead part, while the drums vanish, instead replaced with a warm synth. The vocals dip in and out of the track, complemented by a variety of synth patterns.


Bringing the album to a close is a dub remix, which focuses the attention on melodic loops, picking out the finer details. It takes listeners on a journey, ebbing and flowing while welcoming new hooks and an assortment of textures and flavors. Each track on the 'White Tiger' EP serves a purpose, taking Klaudius's original hypnotic mix and manipulating it into something shiny and new yet completely familiar. These remixes transport listeners to an Afro House universe, and it's exciting to think that this is only the beginning.

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