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I am fascinated by the power of trembling clouds. Anywhere in the world it is a way to communicate with each other, no matter where you're from.
Isn't it nice to know the trembling sky can make people move their spiritual mind and take control of their body?

The beautiful thing is : if you don't like it, you don't listen.
If you like it, you share it and give other people the opportunity to enjoy it.

The purpose of music is trying to make people come together with their emotions, what they might be on that particular moment of listening.
This makes music the most enjoying hobby one can practise.

Played at Tomorrowland 2018 - Deep House Belgium - FUSE - La Rocca - MEC - Rumba & Co - Club Twenty Seven - Lier Beach - Good Kompany - Collin's - Dance D Vision - BMW Beach Lounge - Kompass Klub - Extrema Outdoor - Sunrise - Ibiza Beach - Feldheim - Natural Highs - Flanders Open Rugby

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